Proviron: Uses and Effects

Mesterolone is the generic name of the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) of Proviron, and it’s a synthetic form of the male sex hormone. It’s an active steroid that has properties very similar to natural DHT. Do note that DHT plays a major role in the creation of male genitals. In adults, DHT acts as the primary androgen in the hair follicles and prostate.

With Proviron, it’s seen as one of the steroids on the market that’s almost as pure as the DHT steroid. Users can take advantage of the benefits of this drug while not worrying about any adverse effects regarding estrogen aromatization.

Uses of Proviron

There are studies that shown Proviron to be quite effective for users combating depression, lack of sex drive, and anxiety. Therefore, it does make sense if it’s also useful in the fight against unipolar, bipolar, and dysthmia disorders. This particular hormone is generally prescribed by doctors to men who have trouble with low libido. Additionally, it can also be useful as a precursor to testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Proviron is also popular and useful in the field of bodybuilding. It binds to the aromatase enzyme because of its high affinity. Hence, this anabolic steroid can make it serve as an aromatase inhibitor replacement. Bodybuilders can use this drug to expect certain effects such as more vascularity, a harder look, and less puffiness, especially when stacking Proviron with a wet compound.

As a Testosterone Enhancer

Proviron, when used on its own, is seen to be a weak steroid according to studies. However, when used in a stock, it does have unique characteristics that make this particular drug to be an effective and useful enhancer, especially when paired with testosterone. Testosterone, when it has normal levels in the body, is found to be mostly inactive because it’s bound by globulin, a sex hormone binding substance, and albumin. Proviron is also seen to have a great affinity for SHBG, and it’ll bind to SHBG which leads to letting the user have more testosterone.

An Increase in Muscle Density

Proviron can assist in releasing more free testosterone into the body, and this can mediate some anabolic activities. These operations include protein synthesis, which, in turn, can lead to an increase in muscle gain. Do note that estrogen will only be active and effective whenever it’s bound to the appropriate receptors. The use of Proviron will decrease the innate ability of these estrogen receptors to bind estrogen. As a result, it decreases the amount of active estrogen in the body.

Treating Impotence

Erectile dysfunction, which is otherwise known as impotence, is the inability to have or maintain an erection. One of the leading causes of this disorder is because of low testosterone levels. Proviron can help enhance the amount of free testosterone in the body. In doing so, the drug can then relieve some symptoms regarding impotence.

Aside from the uses and benefits mentioned above, Proviron can also assist in the treatment of male infertility. It’s a condition that pertains to the low production of sperm in men. Even though the full mechanism as to why male fertility takes place is not yet understood even with modern medical science, it’s known that sperm production is dependent on both gonadotrophins and androgens.