The Family Dental Care clinic in Kloof is an all in one dentistry provider

The Family Dental Care clinic in Kloof is an all in one dentistry provider. This is to say that they cater across the board for dentist services, starting from the time a child’s first tooth comes in, all the way to elderly care. The question is, is there really a need for specialized dental care regarding our age. The answer is yes.

For younger patients, dentists need that extra bit of training in being able to deal with tantrums and emotions. Visits to a dentist in Kloof will result in this being tended to. In addition to going the extra mile in making a child feel comfortable and unafraid.It is not just the dentist in Kloof who must cater towards children’s needs but also the environment. The clinic as such, must be designed to be inviting to kids to start the dental visit off good. Thedentist in Kloof also performs paediatric services which will aid with the development of the teeth. Such an example is having a space maintainer placed in the mouth. The purpose of this is to hold the space once a primary tooth falls out. Without it being there, there is the risk of overcrowding as other teeth edge in on this area. With the space maintainer in place, the area is kept open for the adult tooth to grow in normally. With the teeth all in their correct place, there is less need for teeth straightening later on. This eliminates cost along with years of having to deal with braces.


For older patients, dentists need reconstructive dentistry as part of their dental offerings. This is exactly what patients would get with the dentist in Kloof. It’s not necessarily bad hygiene habits that would require some treatments to the teeth. As we age, so do our teeth. Measures can be taken to keep teeth from appearing dull or being further worn off through wear and tear. Such an example would be teeth whitening to re-brighten the teeth. This enamel will naturally wear down over time and that bright smile will be lost. A simple teeth whitening treatment at a dentist in Kloof will take care of this dilemma for you. If you are concerned about the wear and tear of your teeth as well, then crowns can be added by our dentist in Kloof to keep the shape of the tooth. Crowns are porcelain type material that are bonded over the entire tooth. They assist twofold, in that the colouring of the tooth can be changed in one go as well. These procedures are permanent. Temporary fixes are also available from a dentist in Kloof. In this case, a denture can be made by the dentist. They are custom fit per patient. Dentures can be removed and worn at will. They are not very comfortable since they are not made for any sort of permanence which is why patients often prefer other routes. This can be discussed with a dentist in Kloof to ascertain the best route forward for each individual patient.