How important is Verruca removal

Verrucas are basically a wart on the foot. It is also known as planter wart. Verruca on foot is normally caused by Human Papilloma Virus. Verrucas are a very common now days and there are easy removal options available. One should seriously look forward for a Verruca removing treatment when:


One notice its look

Verrucas are infectious and one should get rid of it as soon as possible. Verruca normally caused due to direct skin to skin contact is through indirect means such as through moist environments i.e. swimming pools, bathrooms and towels.

It cause pain

Normally the Verrucas are harmless and don’t cause much pain but in some cases they cause a sharp pain. A sharp pain normally occurs when Verucca is located on some weight-bearing area i.e. sole of the foot or the ball.

You tried different options

There are some of the simple Verruca removal options which one can try at home. This includes different creams, oil or bandage which contains salicylic acid. People also try some of the unusual remedies such as strange mixture or duct tape. If none of these methods help you in getting rid of Verruca then it’s time to visit a podiatrist.

Different types of treatment

There are different Verruca removal options available. It includes freezing, laser treatment and the application of different chemicals. Freezing is basically known as cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a type of treatment in which nitrogen liquid spray is used. The liquid is sprayed on the area where Verucca is present. It freezes the wart and helps in destroying the affected skin cells. It is one of the most fine and an easiest method of removing Verucca. In some minor cases a non-invasive treatment is also recommended. This is because it targets and removes Verucca completely from its roots without affecting the surrounding area. Veruccas are not easy to remove. The success is not guaranteed in all cases. Verucca is normally handled when it is on its early stages. When a person feels any change in its body then he or she should visit the doctor in time.

Causes of Verruca

Verrucas are wart present on the feet that occupy the skin through small scrapes and small cuts. They are very painful and hurting. Verrucas are spread directly through skin. They also spread indirectly through different objects such as shoes, swimming pools and towels.

Removal of Verruca

In some cases it may cause several infections. Some of the methods of removing Verruca are as follows:

  • Application of different chemicals and medicines.
  • Surgery if the case is difficult to handle.
  • Laser treatment can also be done. It helps in Verruca removal without bringing any damage to the surrounding area.
  • Freezing of Verruca. Another name of this treatment is Cryotherapy.

The problem is normally found in teenagers, children and young adults. It is normally found in those people who use common changing rooms. The people who are overweight may face more pain. Removing Verruca is a difficult task to perform. The success isn’t 100 percent guaranteed.