The bonus factor of getting porcelain veneers in South Africa is that you can schedule in a holiday for yourself in it as well

If you are at that point where you want to change up the look of your teeth for the better though without any long drawn out procedures such as braces or something that needs regular top ups such as teeth whitening, then porcelain veneers is just the thing for you. Research into the area will lead you down several paths from choosing a dentist to location. One of the most esteemed places on the planet to get them done at would be South Africa. Getting your porcelain veneers in South Africa has that benefit of you being able to be within reach of the finest dentists produced in the world who also bring with them a host of international experience. Porcelain veneers in South Africa also come with the benefit of being much cheaper than the United States or Australia for instance.


The bonus factor of getting porcelain veneers in South Africa is that you can schedule in a holiday for yourself in it as well. Placing veneers is a 2 part process which takes places several days apart. During this time you can take the time to enjoy the vibrant city you planned on having your porcelain veneers in South Africa done at. The 3 major cities would be Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. There is no down time needed once the veneers are placed and normal activities can be resumed right after leaving the dentist’s office. This would mean an immediate placement back into your holiday mode. There really is nothing for you to take care of before the appointment for porcelain veneers in South Africa as well. Practices are open from around 8 until 6 and half a day on Saturday and you would schedule in a time that would best suit you.

Aftercare for the veneer is pretty much normal as the standard routine that dentists so often mention. this has to do with daily home cleaning and regular trips to the dentist to not only deep clean your teeth but to also check out your mouth for any potential problems and fix it before it leads to something greater. For teeth whitening purposes getting porcelain veneers in South Africa means a much easier time of keeping your teeth at a constant shade. The shade you are after will have to be discussed with the dentist who will be doing your porcelain veneers in South Africa. A cosmetic imaging software will be used to show you how the new shade will look on you. If you are happy with it, then the dentist will begin the treatment. The veneers do not take a long time to be placed and will be done in less than an hour. Once the dentist has the impression, he will fabricate the veneer according to the design and colour needed and then place it onto the tooth. A bonding agent will be used in conjunction with a blue light which will harden the veneer into place. Once set, it will last a lifetime with proper care.