Teeth whitening is the most popular of all cosmetic dental treatments

Teeth whitening is the most popular of all cosmetic dental treatments. Whiter teeth does not only offer a physical alteration to a smile but also gives off certain other vibes. For instance, since teeth naturally discolour as we age, getting your teeth into a whiter shade will result in having a more youthful look. Whiter teeth also give the image of being healthier and cleaner. But how do you go about getting that perfect shade that has been destroyed by years of high pigment foods, without destroying the top layer.

In the past, a dental laser was used but it did damage a bit of the outer layer of the teeth because it had to be shone for around an hour or so. This is not a problem when using the Zoom teeth whitening system. This system has been formulated to bypass the problems heralded by the early lasers and has in fact even proven to be safe on teeth. The Zoom teeth whitening system is also a combo that consists of bleaching gel. They were designed to work together and to bring down the time of having the laser over a patient’s mouth. This also has the advantage of keeping the patient for a shorter spell in the dental chair. Zoom teeth whitening is much safer as it is done under the supervision of a dentist. Attempting these kinds of home treatments can result in you damaging your teeth.


With Zoom teeth whitening you can have guaranteed results that will last for up to 3 years if taken care of properly. This means sticking to a daily regime of brushing and flossing. The sides of the teeth stain as well so flossing is also essential. With Zoom teeth whitening, it is a once off oral treatment unlike home methods which will have you sitting around with just the gel for a couple of days with repeat treatments just a few months down the line.

Zoom teeth whitening does not need to be discussed with a dentist to have done first. It is not about placing foreign materials in your mouth or taking away a bit of the tooth. In addition, Zoom teeth whitening has become quite affordable. It is classified as a cosmetic procedure so dental plans will not make payment for it. Zoom teeth whitening will offer you the most for your money. This is because it is considerably cheaper than other whitening methods and lasts much longer, meaning you would not have to pay up to have your teeth whitened for a while.

The treatment is done so fast and effortlessly requiring no down time at all, that it can be done during your annual preventative dental consultation. There is no prep required and can be done once the dentist gives your mouth a check-up. Once done, you are able to get right back to work. Your dental routine continues as normal afterwards. The only thing to take measures on is the 48 hours following the treatment. This is the time it takes the dentin to grow back so the teeth will be susceptible to staining, which means for this period, foods such as coffee, wines and sodas should be avoided.