Laser Hair Removal Treatment: All you need to know

Laser hair removal involves the reduction or elimination of body hair using laser technology. Generally, everybody has hair on his/her body. However, other areas of the body have thicker hair, which can be frustrating and annoying. This can, therefore, necessitate their reduction or removal.

How does Laser hair removal work

The laser light targets the hair follicle. This energy from the light destroys the hair follicle. And this prevents the hair follicle from producing more hairs. The strong beam of light can only be absorbed by the hair follicle, but the neighboring tissues remain unaffected. At Canada MedLaser Clinic, they employ qualified cosmetic staff. They have been trained and accredited by top health bodies. The machines are modern and have managed to register recommendable results with past clients.


Laser vs. electrolysis

Laser hair removal is also known as selective photo-thermolysis. The concentrated heat from light selectively targets the hair and not your skin. Remember that laser hair removal isn’t electrolysis. Electrolysis directs an electric current into an individual hair follicle and can be very painful as well as time-consuming. But with lasers, the heat will only target a huge amount of hairs at a time, which is not as painful as electrolysis.

After treatment, all dead hairs should come through your skin. The hair pushes through and is shed after 1-3 weeks. The excess hair will be pushed out by the new skin throughout this period. This should be followed by the second treatment.  Depending on the type of your skin and hair, the treatment area will begin looking patchy.

What are the benefits of the benefits of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a break-through technology in the health sector. With this technology, your extra hair can be removed without causing much pain. Some of the greatest advantages of using this technology include:

  • Reduction of ingrown body hairs: The technology takes care of ingrown hairs
  • Smoother skin: The removal of excess hair leaves behind a smoother skin
  • No shaving or waxing: With laser hair removal, you don’t have to shave or wax.
  • Less irritation: Unlike other hair removal technologies, this modern method does not irritate the skin.
  • Permanent hair reduction: Laser hair removal, when accurately undertaken, results in permanent hair reduction. This eliminates the need of having to undertake this process again in the future.
  • Minimizes  excessive hair growth for a stress- free body
  • Smaller pores

Does laser hair removal work for everyone?

Technically, laser hair removal can work for everyone. Any human skin can undergo this treatment and can take the laser’s intensity. However, the intensity should be adjusted accordingly to suit your skin sensitivity. But remember not to lower the intensity beyond the recommended since this can slow down the desired results. As far as this process can be done to anybody, it should be noted that the same results cannot be achieved on everyone. Typically, laser hair removal is most effective on dark light skins. Fortunately, advances have been made in laser beam technology, making it possible to treat a wide range of hair. However, it is still difficult to achieve the same good results of lighter hair.