A dental implant will be a new lease of life, in that a person will get a brand new set of teeth

A dental implant will be a new lease of life, in that a person will get a brand new set of teeth. Implants are the only permanent course forward when all a person’s natural teeth have fallen off. It is a timely and expensive process though, which makes dental implant aftercare, all the more important. Once the entire process has been completed, dental implant aftercare entails the regular cleaning and dentist visitation that is so often preached about. This should be the easy part, as implants do not stain and decay like regular teeth. If implants were needed due to decayed teeth, then particular attention should be paid to ensure this road is not travelled down again.


The hard part of dental implant aftercare comes directly after the implant has been attached. Since this portion does require for a bit of surgery, it is critical to ensure that the area is clean and that you allow for healing. Keeping your mouth hygienic will decrease the likelihood of an infection appearing and interfering with the implant. Taking a few days to rest is vital in dental implant aftercare. Try not to exercise and keep your head elevated when asleep. This will allow for the implant to stay in place and start to blend into the bone. You will be having a screw inserted into your jaw. During the surgery, this will not pain whatsoever due to the anaesthesia, but once this wears off, you will begin to feel the pain. This can be easily managed with some over the counter pain medication. This pain does eventually drop to a soreness in about 2 days. Healing does occur pretty quickly and patients will be back to their regular routine in no time. There is just caution to not interfere with the area that has received the implant. This means no chewing over this area or interfering with the stitches. Dental implant aftercare will be much harder for those who are receiving a full set. It is just a few days of dealing with the soreness and eating liquids, for what will eventually lead to a full set of new teeth. This is indeed a small price to pay.