How to Approach Assisted Living

If you have an aging relative that is starting to experience some issues with living on their own you may be starting to think about assisted living. It is never an easy decision to place a loved one into any type of care home, but assisted living can be a great way to help them maintain their independence while getting them the help they need. There are a few things you should consider however to make sure that you choose a great senior community for them to live in.


Start Sooner Instead of Later

First of all, if you are thinking about assisted living than you need to start looking at communities now instead of waiting until you see more indications it may be time. This is because a lot of assisted living communities have wait lists, so you need to get their name on the list now so that there is a spot for them when the time comes. Plus, if you wait until they get ill and end up in a rehab center or hospital than you will have significantly less choices upon discharge, because you will have choose a place with openings and not necessarily a choice that is the best for your loved one.

Decide if Assisted Living is Appropriate

Before you start putting in applications you need to take an honest look at your loved one to decide if this is the best choice for them. If they simply need help with taking care of their home or completing some daily tasks such as getting in and out of the bathtub and laundry then hiring home care may be a good way to keep them in their home and happy. However, if you notice that they need a lot of home or any signs of dementia then they may need more than assisted living. If you have any questions a geriatric care manager can be a useful person to consult with.

Consider the Costs

Everyone wants the best senior care in Jackson NJ, but you have to consider the costs that are associated with it so that you can make sure you choose the best assisted living home for your loved one that is affordable. There are often times extra fees for services you may not think about upfront such as transportation, extra care, and policies related to hospitalizations and further medical care. Add up the monthly rate along with any deposits and add in room for added costs which can make the figure go up.

Take a Tour and Look for Red Flags

Finally, before you choose an assisted living home make sure you actually tour the facility and do not just count on reviews from others. Make sure to take your relative with you and ask to speak with the residence administrator to see how they handle themselves. They are a good indication of the mood of the facility and you should be able to get all of your answers from them.